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Coeliac Disease, Soy Allergy

July 20, 2010 2 comments

Life is hard for me.  Really Hard.  I have food issues.  More than one.  I have Coeliac Disease, which is a reaction to eating foods which contain gluten where my gut suffers damage and my intestines can’t absorb nutrients properly.  So my alternative is obviously gluten free food.

NOT SO EASY, however.   I am also allergic to soy and can’t have many of the gluten free foods on the market due their presence of soy ingredients.  For only having two foods that require avoiding, my diet is very hard to live with.

I have found many products throughout my time being gluten and soy free and have many restaurants in my local area which I can safely dine in.  It is so sad, however, to see the Coeliac Society recommending places that can’t even guarantee against cross-contamination (i.e. Dominos Pizza).  Absolutely no thought went into the fact that many of their Coeliac members also suffer from having to avoid additional problematic foods (i.e. legumes, soybeans, dairy, fructose, lactose, salicylates,  amines, etc.).  The list is endless.  The least they could do is persuade these gluten free manufacturers to at least avoid some of the problematic foods.  It’s really hard.  My soy free diet feels like a gluten free diet within the gluten free diet!!

Kelly Nolan, my colleague, is in the process of devising blogs aimed at helping these places better understand our needs.  I hope these businesses begin to realise that they can’t just play around to make money, BECAUSE I CAN TELL YOU IT WON’T HAPPEN!!!!

We need to have our needs met!

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